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We aim to provide our customers with a fantastic car hiring experience from start to finish.

Eaze Auto Trade is a one-stop solution for all car rental, car leasing, transportation and chauffeur services. We are committed to helping our customers to find the best suitable vehicles with affordable rental rates, insurance and financing options with 24/7 road assistance. We are well known for our good car rental service and customer oriented. Our company began in 2013 as a car rental company. Over the years, we have built a reputation as the go-to brand for top quality vehicles, exceptional prices and great service. We provide vehicles to corporate clients, expatriates, and individuals for short or long term duration. Our platform has assisted thousands of customers to find the best fitting vehicle while the customer service team listens closely to their needs and deliver professional guidance throughout the process. Your satisfaction is our strength.

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The EazeAutoTrade platform is a unique solution to the problem faced by vehicle users who look for great vehicle choices, attractive leasing rates and hassle free car rental experience


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Make money when you’re not at the wheel! If you find your car sitting around for most of the week, why not rent it out? This way it can make money instead of losing value. You know what they say: It’s hard to walk away from a screaming cash machine.

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